The Differences In Landscaping Equipment

For some, the complete overhaul of the front or backyards can be a great hobby. Though expensive, having such a project can be great for those needing something new to undertake, for those wanting a distraction and for those who have been wanting to change the yard for years but just haven’t had the time to get around to it, consider skid steer hire to begin with.

However before redeveloping your yard it is important not only to plan all the changes, but also to understand the tools and machines that are going to assist with making this happen. Therefore this is a guide to the differences in landscaping equipment to help you realize which is the best for your particular project.

Earthmoving equipment – excavators
As the name suggests, excavators help dig up large amounts of dirt and land at once. The benefit of using an excavator is that they can get most the dirt moved rather quickly. The hiring of excavators can be expensive. On average to hire one for a day will cost over $350 but this includes the price of delivery to the site. The cost for a week is set at just under $1000. If wanting to hire for a personal job, usually a mini-excavator is more than adequate and usually you do not need to be licensed to operate such a vehicle. 

Skid steer hire
Similar to that of excavators, skid steer loaders help in construction and landscaping. While excavators dig and lift up dirt, the skid steer loaders function more like a shovel. In terms of the costs to hire, they are very similar to that of an excavator. Of the two, skid steer loaders are used for moving mounds of soil. However, some plant hire companies will include pallet forks in the cost of hire, which turns the loader into somewhat of a forklift. This is beneficial if a lot of moving needs to be done in the landscaping project.

Water truck hire 
These trucks simple transport large quantities of water. When it comes to the business of landscaping and renovating the yard, often these trucks are hired to transport water after the building of a new pool. However, they may also be used to help reduce water wastage or be used for extensive cleaning of a certain area. Often included in the price of the hiring of the truck is having a driver and/or operator come and offer their services.

These are just some of the equipment used for landscaping projects. Hiring such equipment is usually very expensive and therefore should not occur until the site of redevelopment has been adequately prepared. This will help ensure that time and money is not wasted before the machine is delivered to the site. For the most part, such equipment does not require a license. Instead, it is important to have someone who does know how to operate these vehicles nearby or it would be a good idea to spend some extra money to have civil earthmoving contractors to assist you.