Asbestos Roof And Fence Removal

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Asbestos has been used for roofing since the 1920s. Apart from being commonly used for roofing, asbestos was also used in other building products such as fencing, pipe coverings, siding, and drywall.

Asbestos has a number of significant features such as being a fireproof material. It is also very durable, providing a greater life expectancy to the products it is used in, and it is resistant to corrosion and weathering. It seemed like a great material for building before the health risks were known.

A Threat to Your Health

Apart from these characteristics which made asbestos a highly used material during the twentieth century, it has a few attributes which make it unsuitable for use. It contains carcinogens, which are agents that may cause cancer, and thus the use of asbestos is considered life threatening and is banned in many countries. Though asbestos products have been banned, it is not essential to remove asbestos roofing, if it exists in good condition and is not breakable with hand pressure. Asbestos is dangerous in the sense that it can easily flow through the air and can be inhaled by people in the vicinity. Hence, activities like asbestos roof removal should be undertaken by licensed practitioners. Read more here about asbestos can offer a wide range service.

People involved in this business, especially those involved in repairing or replacing asbestos products, are exposed to greater risks than others. This is why asbestos removal costs can be high.

Removing Your Own

Though it is highly recommended to use the services of a licensed asbestos contractor for things like asbestos fence removal in Perth, it can be legally done on your own if you follow certain precautions. It is essential to vacate the area and to wear an appropriate respirator. For debris collection, place plastic sheeting around the house and also ensure that the debris does not enter your house. Since breakage leads the asbestos to spread quickly, the work should be carefully carried out to ensuring minimum breakage points. It is advisable to wear old clothes while undertaking the removal that could be disposed of after you finish. At the end the tools used should be washed properly and the waste needs to be disposed of.

If in Doubt…

It is very important that you seek the help and advice of a professional if you do not know how to remove asbestos carefully. It is a very big task and can carry serious risks. It is certainly better to be safe than sorry in this case. You will not be able to reclaim your health if you make a mistake, but money comes and goes.