Eco-Friendly Products:

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Over the years population has increased tremendously along with their needs. To overcome these increasing needs, production and manufacturing of various things have increased. There is no single country where industrialization has not taken place and it has become a challenge for governments to provide basic needs to the people. With growing population it is has become difficult to provide basic needs for food, power, land and water to the people. Many industries are set up every day to manufacture the products that are useful for humans in their day to day life.

Most of the products that we use regularly create damage to the environment in one way or the other. The general products that we use in our day to life will have an expiry date and once expiry is reached people throw these products into the garbage as they are useless. Most of such products are either made of plastic or other materials which are non-dissolvable in water or cannot be composted in the earth. Such materials leave their carbon footprint on the environment causing a great damage to the mother earth.

Eco-friendly products are the products that cause no damage to the environment and can be used for recycling. These are also called as green products which help our ecosystem. Recycling can be done from the collection of such products through green waste disposal. International organization for standardization has come up with rules called ISO standards which determine the rules for the publishers of the product. Based on the product label customer can know about the product and how eco-friendly it is.

The general products which we use in our day to day life are leaving a high carbon footprint on the environment. Refrigerators, Air conditioners, and other domestic products are becoming a reason for environmental pollution. Though most of the people know about the environmental pollution and the reasons, they neglect deliberately thinking that it is common and cannot be controlled. But if the environment is not saved we have to give a polluted and corrupted environment to our next generations as a gift.

Many social activists and environmental protectors are coming with awareness programs which can educate the humans about reducing the pollution and protection of ozone layer. The recycling industry is growing slowly in the past few years. Many governments are coming up with rules that industrial wastes have to be recycled or sent for waste disposal by which environment cannot be impacted. Cheap skip bins are placed everywhere by local governments for the rubbish collection in Brisbane and they are recycled into natural manure and compost which can be utilized in agriculture. Demand for eco-friendly products is slowly increasing and industries are coming up new innovative ideas day by day to reduce the pollution created by their products.