Gas Safety Rules To Keep In Mind For Caravans

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Owning a caravan has been quite a trend lately, as more people show interest in its practicality and in the comfort that it offers. You can have a caravan and avoid spending money excessively on meals and places to spend the night when you have your caravan where you can do anything you like in the comfort of your own “home”.

Safety rules

The LPG is always heavier than any air and it will most certainly collect when it’s at the lowest available spot. You should always keep a fire extinguisher close to you at any times in case of a fire, while a blanket made out of wool can also help in smoothing the fire and taking it down. You must have properly fled heaters for water and refrigerators and you should never ever use a cooker in place of a heater that is designed for spaces and rooms.

These are the simple safety rules that will give you a caravan gas certificate in a blink of an eye after the inspection which will be successfully passed.

Safety LPG appliances rules

The cooper tubing must be checked often for kinks or corrosion and also the hoses must be checked on a regular basis for any cracks or splits that may occur during the road or the travel. The strong LPG smell can be hardly noticed, but when and if you do, check so you’re sure it is not a gas leak or anything like that. In case you smell any fumes or you are dizzy, nauseous or just kind of sick and tired while an appliance is turned on and working, turn it off and go out of the caravan in order to get some air. Also, take it to a competent and qualified service in order to have it fixed. Continue reading this and to have you an idea about the gas certificate.

By taking these measures and by respecting these rules, the process of getting a caravan gas certification should be a piece of cake, especially if you respect the emergency procedures in case of a gas leak, which are to turn off the cylinder valve, to tell people not to stay near the caravan and to turn off any appliance that may be on and working.

If you are looking for more information over LPG and other gas cylinders, be sure to give a call to your gas supplier or even a gas center in order to be more aware and ready for any problems and issues that may interfere in your travelling with your loved ones.