Seeing the signs

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You may sometimes see health safety signs dotted around the workplace. These safety signs are very elaborate and will always combine plain but clear images with text. Often, these health safety signs will display and detail instructions for employees and visitors, particularly for procedures. Work practices are vital in the workplace and exist for a reason. If they are not displayed and followed by all workers then everyone risks threats to their safety and physical well-being. This is especially true when such work procedures involve manual labour. One wrong move and you could cripple yourself or a fellow employee. Therefore, the health safety signs are a must and anyone who doesn’t follow them is walking into their own grave — if they are that lucky.

Laboratory safety signs are another example of instructions that can mean the difference between life and death. In the very best circumstances, they will mean the difference between a painful life and a comfortable life. Since these safety signs are always dotted around laboratories, you can expect the sorts of materials they will cover. Some laboratory safety signs may seem mundane — there is one that advises you to not store food in the fridge. This may seem weird to some people but there is a reason. All sorts of experiments and end products are stored in fridges for preservation purposes. Keeping your lunch inside is not the best idea. For all you know, a fetus is resting next to your egg and salad sandwich.

‘No smoking’ signs aren’t a typical type of safety sign. You tend to see this at public establishments that want to prohibit cigarettes for personal reasons rather than health reasons. However, sometimes it is appropriate to see this safety sign pop up, especially around hospitals. That is when smoking is an actual health hazard. You don’t want someone blowing smoke in your face before you’re going into surgery. You also don’t want it if you feel like you want to vomit. In a similar sense, you will see this safety sign at restaurants. That makes sense because cigarette smoke on top of your food is disgusting. On the other hand, you didn’t see it in a pub because it was common to drink and smoke but now the anti-cigarette agenda is rife and they have a loud voice. As a result, the ‘no smoking’ sign at pubs is just to keep them quiet for the most part.

First aid safety signs always have a purpose. When health and safety concerns are common and everyone is panicking about a mosquito bite, first aid safety signs tell us what we need to know. Often they will provide instructions. Some first aid safety signs just tell you specific details of personnel and their locations. Whether they are relevant and important to you depends on the person and the situation.