The Complete Guide To The Variety Of Pipe Fittings Available

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The plumbing systems have a variety of different pipe fittings which each serve a different purpose. These pipe fittings may be used to join different pipes of the same or different diameters, to provide flexibility and convenience to the pipe by being able to control the flow and/or connect and disconnect the pipe or to calculate the flow in the pipe. These fittings are usually made of corrosive – resistant materials and those which can withstand high varying pressures. The common materials used for pipe fittings are Alloy Steel, Monel, Nickel Alloy, and Stainless Steel and in some cases Iron and Brass.

  • Pipe elbow
    Pipe Elbows are fittings that bend the flow around the pipe. Ideally, these are available in three angles of turn, 90, 45 and 22.5 but they can be designed to fit any angle requirement. If the two pipes which joint the same diameter, then normal elbows are employed, else reducer elbows are. Depending on the environment, the pressure, flow and the cost, elbows may be made from a variety of materials. The pipe ends usually have female threading and the elbows can be fitting using butt or socket welding.
  • Pipe reducers
    The reducer is used in plumbing systems to reduce the size of the pipe. Commonly, two types of reducers are produced in the market. The concentric reducer shapes like a cone, which has the area gradually decreasing, but this type of fitting results in a collection of air which ultimately causes cavitations. On the other hand, the eccentric reducer has an edge which is placed parallel to the pipe that is connected and here, there is no air accumulation.
  • Pipe Tee
    A pipe Tee is a short piece of a pipe that has two outlets and one part as the inlet which is at right angles to the inlet. It is used to join or divide the fluid flow in the pipe. If the three ends have similar sizes it is an equal Tee else it is an unequal Tee.
  • Coupling
    Pipe couplings Australia connect two pipes which have the same diameter. It comes into use when either of the pipes is damaged and there is a leak.
  • Unions
    Pipe Unions are similar in function to couplers but they can be removed and re-installed in the cases when the pipe will need a repair or maintenance. A typical union consists of nuts, both male thread and female thread.It is essential to choose a renowned pipe fitting manufacturer to ensure that the fittings do not fail in a variety of situations. Also, the duo check valve must be fitted in the plumbing to protect the water from contaminating and also reduce the backflow.