Why Filtration Is Important?

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If you are using a spray booth, you may have noticed the presence of filters in it. The filter you find in your paint booth is there for good reason. If you do not already have an idea of why it is there, know that there are some basic functions it provides; these can be summarized as follows:

  • A spray booth filter’s main job is ensuring that the air within the spray booth is adequately filtered. This is because the presence of foreign particles can easily get in the way of a quality finish when spraying (such as, for example, by sticking to the object or vehicle you are painting or by coalescing with the spray aerosols). Foreign particles do not have to be big to obstruct a quality finish – particulate matter as small as ten microns or so can easily decrease the quality of the paint job. A good filter ensures that these particulates and other aerosols are filtered out, resulting in a clean atmosphere within the booth.
  • All spray booths for sale come with an exhaust system, and you can similarly find another filter within this latter. As opposed to maintaining the air quality within the booth, the filter of the exhaust system is present to ensure that an excess of sprayed aerosols does not make their way to the outside environment. This is both because excessive amounts of paint can be a health hazard, and also because paint aerosols can ruin other objects and vehicles found outside of the booth.
  • If you consider the above two functions, it is not too hard to guess that most government regulations request that all professional paint booths come with installed filters (or that they do not operate without one). This means that it is illegal for you to use your spray booth without these filters; not to add, the filters you are using must be complying with the standards set by the specific environmental bodies of your locality.
  • There is finally one more function that filters of spray booths perform; this is the protection of the fan you find in the spray booth. By filtering out excess paint, these filters prevent a build-up of paint in the fan of your spray booth.

    Accordingly, from the above points, it is quite clear that the filters of a paint booth are an essential part. To ensure that they keep functioning in accordance with regulations and other legal compliances – as well as to ensure that they keep on performing their main functions optimally – it is important to also regularly maintain and replace these filters.